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Hire Chillers

A Friend in need is a Friend indeed

Coldfact offer a large range of hire Water Chillers.  Our air-cooled or water-cooled Chillers provide a wide range of convenient, effective water-cooling options.  We offer chillers from 25kW to 300kW.  The chiller units can be extended with air-handling equipment for Airconditioning applications.

Benefits of Hire Chillers

  • No Capital Costs

  • No Maintenance Costs

  • Low daily tariffs

  • Special long term tariffs

  • 24 hr Service assistance

Service Delivery

The chillers are installed within the shortest possible time to ensure that the operation or production can proceed within the shortest down time and loss to production.

Typical Hire Chiller

Typical Applications

  • Wine Cellars
  • Plastic Injection Industry
  • Airconditioning
  • Cold Stabilization
  • New Wine Producers
  • Food Processing
  • Other


Mobile Chiller

The mobile chiller are trailer mounted and only two pipes needs to be connected to the tank that needs to be cooled.

The chiller is also equipped with a buffer tank and glycol can be added to the system to reach temperatures up to minus 8 degrees

COLDFACT also offers high quality chilled water installations for a large number of Industries.


To discuss how our temperature control solutions can help your business please go to the "Contact Page" and complete the reply form, one of our staff members will contact you to discuss your specific needs

Typical Mobile Chiller